Top 3 Features of FormIt 360

The buzz and excitement around FormIt 360 and FormIt 360 Pro has been off the charts since we launched last month! What makes FormIt so amazing? A LOT. Here are three of the top features FormIt 360 users love the most.

1. It’s truly connected to BIM

Tired of importing useless blobs of geometry into Revit? Improve your workflow by connecting your FormIt 360 conceptual designs into BIM with native Revit integration. “The Smart Objects flow to Revit allows the design to be translated to the BIM model without duplication of work efforts,” says Mike Engel of Elness Swenson Graham Architects. “This allows for more consistent translation of design to documentation.”

Bonus: convert your SketchUp files with FormIt Converter so you can reuse existing work.

Image courtesy Elness Swenson Graham Architects

2. It’s web-based AND mobile

Use FormIt 360 on your iPad or Android while you’re on a plane, train, or automobile… or on a client site. Save your work in the cloud (or locally if you’re offline), then pick up where you left off on your web browser back at your desk.

Anthony Caputo of Array Architects uses FormIt 360 on iPad in client meetings. “I’ll pull the FormIt model up on the screen, move it around, and share it with the client to create a live interactive experience. My team can pull that into a model and run analysis, add information, and keep the process going.”

FormIt 360 with a side of coffee. Image courtesy Elness Swenson Graham Architects

3. It’s FREE!

We love free stuff, and you get a lot of it with FormIt 360: building-aware 3D sketching tools, advanced geometry, connection to BIM, the tablet apps, and FormIt Converter are a few of my favorites. Upgrade to FormIt 360 Pro for $300/year to unlock energy and solar analysis and real-time collaboration.

You can download FormIt 360 or start a free 30-day trial of Pro right here. Or watch our introductory webcast for more info and a demo.

What’s your favorite feature? Tell us in the forum.

The FormIt Glider

Our development team is a diverse and passionate group. We make a practice of ‘eating our own dog food’ in that we build personal projects in our software. From outhouses to deck chairs  to… gliders!

Boris Sergeev is known as a bit of a plane aficionado (a bit of an understatement!). For #FormItFriday he created this model of a 1960-s Polish SZD-24 Foka – right down to the correct wing airfoil (different at the root and the tip). FormIt has matured enough for designing airplanes thanks to the loft tool!

Special note – Boris was able to use scripting to modify his airfoil!




How To… FormIt Converter!

I’ve recently added step by step instructions to a few posts on our forum about how to use the FormIt Converter… I wanted to post those links here for reference…

  • How to convert FormIt 360 sketch to RVT fileLINK
  • How to convert SKP file to FormIt 360 to RVT fileLINK

Also…The next FormIt Friday Webinar (#4) is THIS FRIDAY June 12! We’ll discuss the converter in more detail! Register here… LINK


FormIt Friday – Episode 3 – Live from AIA!

We have just posted the video of our last FormIt Friday webinar that we broadcast live from the AIA convention in Atlanta last week. We had a little bit of an interruption mid-session, but without missing a beat, we moved to a cafe and continued to record. That’s how we roll!  Our next webinar will actually be more of a FormIt “Monday” – which will be hosted by our Marketing colleagues, and presented by Tobias and Tom on June 1. Register here and see you then!


FormIt 360 Pro comes to iOS

The iPad was the original platform for FormIt 360 – and it was revolutionary at the time to have a full featured 3D modeler right in the palm of your hands. We have not stopped there, now you can access the full power of the FormIt 360 Pro subscription in the iPad version. Simply visit the FormIt 360 web app, log in and start the Pro trial, and then open the updated iPad app and log in with the same credentials. When you are ready to buy, visit the Autodesk Store and remember to use your Autodesk 360 account email in the checkout. And here is what you get!


Wait…all of that for FREE?

As exciting as FormIt 360 Pro is, you have to remember that most of the FormIt 360 goodness is absolutely FREE! Here are the highlights:

FormIt Converter
We now offer a separate Revit add-in which allows you to move Revit families back and forth between FormIt 360 and Revit. And if that was not enough, we added a little bonus: SketchUp to FormIt 360 converter. Find out more and download here.

Advanced Geometry

  •  Sweep, loft, and cover to create exotic geometry
  • radial array tool
  • multi move tool lets you grab various edges and faces to move at once

Expanded Keyboard shortcuts on Web

Use familiar keyboard shortcuts on the Web app.

Model diagnostics
see non-manifold issues before you export for 3d printing