Wait…all of that for FREE?

As exciting as FormIt 360 Pro is, you have to remember that most of the FormIt 360 goodness is absolutely FREE! Here are the highlights:

FormIt Converter
We now offer a separate Revit add-in which allows you to move Revit families back and forth between FormIt 360 and Revit. And if that was not enough, we added a little bonus: SketchUp to FormIt 360 converter. Find out more and download here.

Advanced Geometry

  •  Sweep, loft, and cover to create exotic geometry
  • radial array tool
  • multi move tool lets you grab various edges and faces to move at once

Expanded Keyboard shortcuts on Web

Use familiar keyboard shortcuts on the Web app.

Model diagnostics
see non-manifold issues before you export for 3d printing


Introducing FormIt 360 Pro

During the life cycle of a product there are always pivotal milestones: those first shaky prototypes, the first alpha and then beta launches, the first “official” launch, reaching your first X number of downloads/users, etc. Today is one of those pivotal days for FormIt 360. Today FormIt 360 grows up and goes pro! While the core modeling tool on web, iOS and Android that you have come to know and love will remain FREE, we now offer an extra subscription that you can purchase directly from the Autodesk Store. You can also start a 30 day trial from inside the Web or Android apps.

So what do you get with the FormIt 360 Pro Subscription?

  • Solar Analysis. Analyze your design for monthly peak or yearly cumulative solar impact with exact values displayed directly on the surfaces of your model. Available on all platforms.
  • Energy analysis. You can analyze, report, and compare your design’s energy and cost factors – all with a ASHRAE 90.1 compliant energy model created for you in the cloud. See this blog post for more info. Available on Web and iOS only.
  • Real-time Collaboration. The real-time collaboration system that we we have been beta testing for the past few months has been greatly improved. Send your teammates – or even your client – a link and start collaborating! Available on Web and iOS only.

And there is so much more just inside the newly updated FREE FormIt 360. See here for more about the other free features.


FormIt 360 for Android gets Groups and Solar Analysis

Fast following our complete overhaul of the geometry kernel in FormIt 360 back in February – we now have another big update for the Android version. First off, you can create and edit Groups that keep things separated and allow you to create component copies that all update at once. You can also now purchase an optional FormIt 360 Pro subscription which will turn on the new Solar Analysis feature.

Oh…and one more thing. Did you notice the name change? Yep, FormIt is now FormIt 360 (but we won’t hold it against you if you just call it FormIt :)

Dispatch from Down Under: FormIt 360 to Revit to Cloud Rendering

Today we have a nice video from our friend and colleague Sam Macalister – Senior Technical BIM specialist in Australia. He does a really nice job of showing how to leverage groups and materials to quickly generate some nice renderings via Revit and Cloud Rendering. Check out some of Sam’s other great cloud renderings and BIM related YouTube videos.

TGIFF episode #2

Hi FormIteers – We had a great webinar turnout on FormIt Friday as we went deeper into FormIt’s modeling tools. The video has been posted so watch at your leisure – or watch a few times in sloooooooow-mooooooow to see all the picks and clicks!  Datasets can be found here. You can import them into the web app using the Import button on the toolbar. For the mobile apps, you will have to upload them to your A360 Drive first.

We covered some sweet workflows as we built up this school model – these are things you can do today in our released app! Then we covered some amazing tools that will be available in a release coming VERY soon (we’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s kind of soon). You’ll be able to make great looking models and presentation images like this in no time!


Thanks for your great questions, we’ve had tons of fun with this series so far – we’ll talk to you again soon from the AIA convention!

Join us for FormIt Friday!

Join us this Friday, Apr 10, 2015 at 12:30 PM EDT for the inaugural episode of our new FormIt Friday webinar series!

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Come and spend a little of your Friday with the Autodesk FormIt 360 product team. For this first episode we will cover the basics and give some juicy tidbits about what is coming soon. In the future we will do deep dives into features, answer questions and even invite special guests to co-present. Hosted by Autodesk FormIteers Tom Vollaro, Senior Product Manager and Tobias Hathorn, Senior User Experience Designer.

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FormIt for Apple Watch

When we started building FormIt back in 2013, people told us “no-one will want to build 3D models on the iPad!” Well, I would say after a million downloads and many thousands of monthly users – we have proven the naysayers wrong. After the announcement of the Apple Watch the naysayers returned: “No-one will want to build 3D models on the Apple Watch. It is too small!”  Our team responded: “Challenge Accepted!

Do you want to pre-order FormIt for Apple Watch before the April 24 rollout? Click here.

Have you looked at FormIt lately?


It is hard to overstate how much has changed in just over two years since we first introduced FormIt to the world. If you have not looked at FormIt in awhile, you may be blown away by how much it has grown up! Did you know that FormIt is:

  • Not just for iPads anymore! FormIt runs on pretty much any Android device.
  • Not just for tablets anymore! We introduced an early preview of our Web version in 2013. Since that release, we have overhauled the entire app. Sketching, snapping, pushing, pulling, graphics have all been vastly improved. Plus, now you can create editable group instances that speed up your design process for repeatable objects.
  • Compatible with Revit 2015! Every time you save, you get a Revit file with editable mass families, level datums, location data and more.
  • Collaborative! Create an online session where you and your colleagues, on mobile and web, can edit the same model at the same time, or share a viewpoint for remote presentations.

And we have a lot more coming very soon. Follow us @FormIt3D to be “in the know”


HUGE update to FormIt iOS and Web

The FormIt team has been working incredibly hard on a whole bunch of new features and polish to FormIt. So much so, that we have decided to remove the “beta” label from the web app! The new url for FormIt on the web is: http://formit.autodesk.com/app. These videos highlight what is new in Web and iOS and a more complete feature list is after the break.

2015-03-03_0127 Create Group Instances

The biggest update is the ability to create and modify Groups. This not only allows you to create separate, distinct objects that do not auto-join while sketching – but also allows for instance copies that update when edited. This enables an enormous amount of flexibility in design.  Visit our help for more info.

Conceptual BIM: FormIt to Revit Conversion

The FormIt to Revit translation methods and stability have been vastly improved. FormIt Groups translate into Revit Mass families to maintain distinct elements and nested structure. Splines, arcs, cylinders and domes now translate into native Revit geometry without facets. Visit our help for more info.

Editing Tool Polish

There have been a number of improvements to the editing tools

  • The Rotate tool has been completely redesigned to be more usable and precise.
  • Select and Drag multiple faces at the same time.
  • Use Smart selection on web to find faces of the same size, pockets of faces, and pockets of faces of the same size.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts on web are expanded to include creation tools, group tools, and editing tools.

There are also a few features only available in the Web app:

  • jetpack FormIt Web Fly-through Mode – click on the jet pack guy!
  • 2015-03-03_0114 FormIt Web Content Library – link to a local folder or a folder on A360 to read in a user defined folder structure and then drag and drop from the Content library panel into the FormIt Web scene to add pre-made elements into your design

Prepare for FormIt v9!

Hello FormIteers!

As we prepare for our massive v9 release (Seriously. Our web and iOS apps have drastically evolved since v8 when we introduced collaboration) we wanted to tell you about one change that we are pushing live this week.

Our FormIt to Revit conversion is now using the Revit 2015 API! This change increases the success rate on conversions (to roughly 100%!); supports the creation of Revit native splines and arcs; and is necessary to support the new features (about to be announced) in v9…

The reason we’re telling you about this ahead of time… your FormIt to Revit conversions will now result in .rvt files that can only be opened in Revit 2015 (and 2016 when it arrives). If this becomes a problem for your FormIt workflow, here are a couple of things to consider:

If you have questions or comments, please leave them on our new Support Forum.

Check back soon for the announcement of our v9 release!