FormIt Friday – Episode 3 – Live from AIA!

We have just posted the video of our last FormIt Friday webinar that we broadcast live from the AIA convention in Atlanta last week. We had a little bit of an interruption mid-session, but without missing a beat, we moved to a cafe and continued to record. That’s how we roll!  Our next webinar will actually be more of a FormIt “Monday” – which will be hosted by our Marketing colleagues, and presented by Tobias and Tom on June 1. Register here and see you then!


FormIt 360 for Android gets Groups and Solar Analysis

Fast following our complete overhaul of the geometry kernel in FormIt 360 back in February – we now have another big update for the Android version. First off, you can create and edit Groups that keep things separated and allow you to create component copies that all update at once. You can also now purchase an optional FormIt 360 Pro subscription which will turn on the new Solar Analysis feature.

Oh…and one more thing. Did you notice the name change? Yep, FormIt is now FormIt 360 (but we won’t hold it against you if you just call it FormIt :)

Dispatch from Down Under: FormIt 360 to Revit to Cloud Rendering

Today we have a nice video from our friend and colleague Sam Macalister – Senior Technical BIM specialist in Australia. He does a really nice job of showing how to leverage groups and materials to quickly generate some nice renderings via Revit and Cloud Rendering. Check out some of Sam’s other great cloud renderings and BIM related YouTube videos.

TGIFF episode #2

Hi FormIteers – We had a great webinar turnout on FormIt Friday as we went deeper into FormIt’s modeling tools. The video has been posted so watch at your leisure – or watch a few times in sloooooooow-mooooooow to see all the picks and clicks!  Datasets can be found here. You can import them into the web app using the Import button on the toolbar. For the mobile apps, you will have to upload them to your A360 Drive first.

We covered some sweet workflows as we built up this school model – these are things you can do today in our released app! Then we covered some amazing tools that will be available in a release coming VERY soon (we’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s kind of soon). You’ll be able to make great looking models and presentation images like this in no time!


Thanks for your great questions, we’ve had tons of fun with this series so far – we’ll talk to you again soon from the AIA convention!


Hi everyone – Thank you for joining us last week at our inaugural FormIt Friday Webinar! We had a great turnout, great questions, and we look forward to seeing you again next week when we continue the series… Register Now

We posted the recording of the session to YouTube. Also, we’ve got our own FormIt Channel, so please subscribe to see other tips and tricks videos in the future…

More follow-ups from last FormIt Friday I’d like to share… I printed a 3d model of the design we made in the webinar. Using the Export to STL (or OBJ) feature, I was able to go directly to my MakerBot and print this out. FormIt makes 3d Printing super easy!


Finally, I used the same model for testing our NEXT release which is coming up pretty soon.

BTW – Thanks to Brandon Wlosinski at BNIM  for the Blog Post title!

FormIt for Apple Watch

When we started building FormIt back in 2013, people told us “no-one will want to build 3D models on the iPad!” Well, I would say after a million downloads and many thousands of monthly users – we have proven the naysayers wrong. After the announcement of the Apple Watch the naysayers returned: “No-one will want to build 3D models on the Apple Watch. It is too small!”  Our team responded: “Challenge Accepted!

Do you want to pre-order FormIt for Apple Watch before the April 24 rollout? Click here.

HUGE update to FormIt iOS and Web

The FormIt team has been working incredibly hard on a whole bunch of new features and polish to FormIt. So much so, that we have decided to remove the “beta” label from the web app! The new url for FormIt on the web is: These videos highlight what is new in Web and iOS and a more complete feature list is after the break.

2015-03-03_0127 Create Group Instances

The biggest update is the ability to create and modify Groups. This not only allows you to create separate, distinct objects that do not auto-join while sketching – but also allows for instance copies that update when edited. This enables an enormous amount of flexibility in design.  Visit our help for more info.

Conceptual BIM: FormIt to Revit Conversion

The FormIt to Revit translation methods and stability have been vastly improved. FormIt Groups translate into Revit Mass families to maintain distinct elements and nested structure. Splines, arcs, cylinders and domes now translate into native Revit geometry without facets. Visit our help for more info.

Editing Tool Polish

There have been a number of improvements to the editing tools

  • The Rotate tool has been completely redesigned to be more usable and precise.
  • Select and Drag multiple faces at the same time.
  • Use Smart selection on web to find faces of the same size, pockets of faces, and pockets of faces of the same size.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts on web are expanded to include creation tools, group tools, and editing tools.

There are also a few features only available in the Web app:

  • jetpack FormIt Web Fly-through Mode – click on the jet pack guy!
  • 2015-03-03_0114 FormIt Web Content Library – link to a local folder or a folder on A360 to read in a user defined folder structure and then drag and drop from the Content library panel into the FormIt Web scene to add pre-made elements into your design

Our biggest release yet for Android

Many of our Android users have been waiting a long time for FormIt to catch up to the functionality on the iOS and Web versions. Your wait is over! Today marks the biggest update we have ever had since launching the Android version in 2013. This short video shows the highlights and the full feature list is below. Check it out on Google Play. Please join us at our new support forum and let us know how things are going. Also visit our new home at and post some images in our new public Gallery!

  • Full support for Android Lollipop
  • A completely revised 3D sketching and snapping system!
    • You are now no longer constrained to sketching in one plane.
    • Use other objects in the scene as snap references when drawing and modifying
    • Snap to levels when sketching or dragging face
    • Move objects more accurately by first selecting the point you wish to snap with
    • Sketch Lines with local and global axis alignments and snapping options
  • Sketch lines can live in the scene without being part of a closed shape
  • Select and modify individual vertices – on both 2D lines and 3D objects
  • Select and modify multiple faces at once
  • Double tap now selects an entire object. Single tap selects faces, edges
  • New tools:
    • Rotate tool has been completely redesigned to allow snapping and manual entry of degrees
    • Sketch a circle
    • Offset the lines of a face
    • Review historical climate data based on the project location
  • Note: Changing an existing material bitmap is currently disabled. We are working hard on a fix. In the mean time, you can still create new materials with new bitmaps.