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Formit 360 + Dynamo Studio

by Tobias Hathorn a year ago

Autodesk® FormIt 360 and Autodesk® Dynamo Studio work together to create a Generative Conceptual Design workflow

  • Publish flexible Dynamo Customizers created in Dynamo Studio
  • Place Dynamo Customizers in a FormIt 360 sketch
  • Flex the parameters of your Dynamo Customizers inside FormIt 360

Download FormIt 360 and Dynamo Studio here

Pre-requisites: A Windows PC running Formit 360 for Windows and Dynamo Studio 2016 to author your own Dynamo Customizers


Publish a Dynamo Customizer and place it in FormIt 360

    • Start Dynamo Studio 2016 and open or create a new script
    • Go to File, Share Workspace then title, describe, and publish your script
    • Start FormIt 360 for Windows
    • Log into A360 with the same account used for Dynamo Studio
    • Go to the Dynamo tab in the FormIt 360 panels
    • You should see the Dynamo Customizer you just published, if not then refresh
    • Drag and drop the Dynamo Customizer into your FormIt 360 sketch


Link to a public Dynamo Customizer in FormIt 360

    • Share your published Dynamo Customizer URL with colleagues (see example links below)
    • Start FormIt 360 for Windows and log into A360
    • Go to the Dynamo tab in the FormIt 360 panels
    • Click the plus icon and paste the URL to a Dynamo Customizer
    • Drag and drop the Dynamo Customizer into your FormIt 360 sketch
    • Once a linked Customizer is placed, it is stored in the file. But the linked Customizer only appears in the Dynamo panel for the session


Flex the Dynamo Customizer parameters inside FormIt 360

    • Double click a placed Dynamo Customizer to edit the Group
    • Go to the Properties tab in the FormIt 360 panels
    • Adjust the slider or number inputs available in the script
    • After a 3 second pause, the script will be sent to Dynamo for evaluation
    • You can exit the group and continue working in your sketch while you wait for the updated geometry
    • When the updated geometry is ready, your sketch will be updated automatically


Tips for Dynamo Customizers in FormIt 360

    • Dynamo Customizers behave like Groups in FormIt 360, you can copy, make unique, ungroup, delete, undo, redo, etc
    • Any manual adjustment made inside the Dynamo Group will be overwritten when the geometry is updated
    • Edits made outside the Group (like rotate, scale, etc) are preserved when the geometry is updated
    • FormIt 360 will use the units of the current sketch to interpret the values in the Dynamo Customizer
    • Published Dynamo Customizers can be downloaded as DYN files for enhancement in Dynamo Studio
    • To control which inputs are visible in FormIt, right click and un-check 'Is Input' in Dynamo Studio


Learn more about Dynamo



Sample Dynamo Workspaces

Copy and paste the URL of these samples into the FormIt 360 Dynamo tab:





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